Australia tightens the requirements for foreign workers looking for visas

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As of July 1, foreign workers looking to relocate to Australia on a Skilled Independent visa will need to pass a new “points tests” to determine their eligibility. This is set to make it harder for unskilled workers who wish to obtain an Australian visa.
Eligibility is determined by a migration skills test and tallied by points against certain attributes and factors. These include age, employment history, education and English proficiency. Age is considered as one of the biggest contributors to points, with highest points appointed to those 25-32. Work experience also makes up a big percentage of points.
The previous benchmark for points was 60. However, come these changes in July, hopeful visa seekers will need to reach a total of 65 points. Moreover, it turns out the extra five points might stop foreign workers from even being able to reach the application stage.
The list of eligible professions registered for the Skilled Independent visa is also set to change.

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