At OpenMaps we will guide you through each stage of the admission application process while keeping you up to date with all progress of the application. Our dedicated team have over 7 years of experience in Australian University recruitment services and are very familiar with the application processes.


We understand how tedious the application process may be, so at OpenMaps we strive to simplify the process allowing you to allocate more time in planning your future and spending less time worrying about applications. We will ensure that all the mandatory requirements are completed and support you through the entire process to increase the chance of being accepted.

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Keeping up to date

Transparency in the application process is why students have enjoyed our services.

In the application process, we make it a priority to keep you up to date with any changes in the application status and reporting back any progress in the application.

Experts in Admission Applications

OpenMaps is an international student recruitment agency specialising in Australian Education. We pride ourselves on supporting our students with the entire end to end process of exchange programs and giving exceptional guidance and advice on all aspects of tertiary education and planning out a career path specifically catered to your needs. Get it done right the first time with OpenMaps!

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