At OpenMaps, we are committed to supporting our students for the entire end to end service. That includes organising airport pick up for our students travelling to Australia for the very first time and providing onshore support to allow for the smoothest transition possible.

Arrivals & Airport Pick up Services

Upholding our commitment to providing the best service possible, we will arrange airport pickup services so that you can arrive to your new home safe and sound.

Our dedicated team of experts understand our students who come from various parts of the world and want to ensure that they feel at home when arriving to Australia for the next phase of their journey.

airport pickup

Our ONGOING commitment

At OpenMaps, we like to provide the best service possible and our commitment to our students is far beyond the application process.

We are here to support students, in all aspects of international travel and will be providing onshore support as we know what it’s like to travel to a foreign country.

Onshore Support including airport pick up services

OpenMaps is an international student recruitment agency specialising in Australian Education. We pride ourselves on supporting our students with the entire end to end process of exchange programs and giving exceptional guidance and advice on all aspects of tertiary education and planning out a career path specifically catered to your needs. Get it done right the first time with OpenMaps!

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