At OpenMaps, our number one priority is to help you find the best course that Australia has to offer. Our experienced counsellors and dedicated team will assess your current qualifications, personality and your areas of interest and will recommend the best possible course  that suits your needs.

Course Counselling

With the many choices available in the institutions and courses available in Australia, it may seem difficult to know which is the best option for you.

Our dedicated team of counsellors will assess your qualifications, your personality and understand your interest and requirements to guide you to select the right course for you. Selecting the right course is a critical component which will essentially shape the career path you ultimately choose.

At OpenMaps, we take the stress away as we provide expert advice.

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CAreer Counselling

What is the end goal? Our team of experts have a great understanding of employment trends and knowledge of various industries to insure that you are equipped with all the right information when choosing the right career path.

We can help plan your career path, complimenting your education as we know what it takes to excel in various industries.

International education agency you can trust

OpenMaps is an international student recruitment agency specialising in Australian Education. We pride ourselves on supporting our students with the entire end to end process study abroad process and giving exceptional guidance and advice on all aspects of tertiary education and planning out a career path specifically catered to your needs. Get it done right the first time with OpenMaps!

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