We can bring you up to speed about what to expect, and give you all the necessary information on life in Australia and Australia’s culture. These sessions are designed to ensure that you are properly prepared for the next phase of your adventure.

Cultural Difference

Our pre-departure sessions are designed so that you know what to expect when moving to Australia. Our team will also go into detail about culture in Australia, its multi-cultural society and give you valuable insight on the typical life of an Australian.

We can guarantee that you will fall in love with Australia.

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What to expect

In these sessions, OpenMaps will be able to advise on the area in which you are locating to, it’s main attractions and important information in regards to living arrangements.

Our aim is to ensure that we equip students with all the right information which will allow students to adapt to Australian life as quickly as possible.

Equipping students with the right information

OpenMaps is an international student recruitment agency specialising in Australian Education. We pride ourselves on supporting our students with the entire end to end process of exchange programs and giving exceptional guidance and advice on all aspects of tertiary education and planning out a career path specifically catered to your needs. Get it done right the first time with OpenMaps!

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