At OpenMaps, we understand that Visa applications may appear complicated, however you can put your mind at ease, with our in-depth knowledge and our up-to-date information on visa applications, we can assist you in every stage of the process.

Student Visa

One of the most important documents in the whole process is applying for your student visa. A specialist team member will work with you in ensuring all aspects of your Visa Application are completed at satisfactory level.

Note that the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is responsible for issuing visas. We will guide you in completing all of the necessary documents to successfully apply for a student visa.

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Latest Information

Our dedicated team are always up to date with any legislation changes regarding Visa, so that you can be confident that our advice is valid.

At OpenMaps we pride ourselves on the quality of information we provide to our students so that we can establish a great sense of trust.

visa & applications made easy

OpenMaps is an international student recruitment agency specialising in Australian Education. We pride ourselves on supporting our students with the entire end to end process of exchange programs and giving exceptional guidance and advice on all aspects of tertiary education and planning out a career path specifically catered to your needs. Get it done right the first time with OpenMaps!

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